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We accept all major credit cards, PayPal. Note that all prices on our site are listed in USD. If your account was declined at checkout, it could be due to one of the following: The card you use is not supported by Visa. Please make sure your card is a Debit Visa Card Your card is issued by banks/financial services that our system does not support, we suggest that you contact the bank/financial service you use directly. If the cause is not due to either of the above reasons, please try clearing the cache and cookies on your browser. If the situation continues with no change, please choose to pay with Paypal. Paypal is a stable payment method and supports most cards in the world. You can also pay Paypal without a Paypal account, just with your credit/debit card. 1. During the checkout process, please select the pay with Paypal button (yellow button). 2. After a pop-up box appears, please select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card as a guest” option. 3. Fill in your details and complete the payment. Contact us if you do not receive the download file after payment. We will refund the money if the goods you receive are not as described, thank you! Address: CH8.21 T8 Lô A c/c The Useful 654/6-Lac Long Quan, P9, Tan Binh Tp.HCM